• 'Direct application' antiperspirant deodorant brand that's been the top seller for 10 consecutive years
  • 'Direct application' antiperspirant deodorant brand that's been the top seller for 10 consecutive years
The power of natural alum prevents sweat and odor at the source.Deonatulle - 'direct application' antiperspirant deodorant

About Deonatulle

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    Direct application

    Through direct application, the active ingredient adheres to the skin and attacks the odor source directly.

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    The power of natural alum

    Deonatulle takes advantage of the power of natural Alum.
    The product contains alum*, which has anti-bacterial properties for odor prevention and tightens pores to suppress perspiration.

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    Long-lasting effect

    Active ingredients adhere to the skin for a long-lasting effect.
    There is no need to re-apply during the day.

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    Smooth texture with no white residue

    The smooth texture makes for a refreshing feeling after application.
    The product is easy to spread on the skin and leaves no white residue.

About natural alum

Alum stone is a type of natural mineral salt found in subterranean volcanic zones.
A colorless, fragrance-free natural deodorant ingredient.
There remain records of alum stone written by Herodotus, a historian of ancient Greece. It is known as the world's oldest antiperspirant deodorant, which people have used in many parts of the world since as early as the Roman times.

natural alum stone
  • A colorless, fragrance-free natural deodorant ingredient
  • An antiperspirant that tightens pores to suppress perspiration
  • Anti-bacterial properties to keep away germs that cause odors
  • A deodorant effect that neutralizes the alkaline odorous components to suppress the smell of sweat


  • For armpitsFragrance-free
    LIPS ベストコスメ2023 殿堂入り
    Deonatulle Soft Stone Double DeodorantTop selling antiperspirant deodorant for 10 consecutive years* Stick-type deodorant that you can readily apply without getting your hand sticky
    Dries quickly after application and leaves almost no white residue
    In a busy morning, you can get dressed right after you apply the deodorant.
    * INTAGE SRI+ Antiperspirant market  May 2013 - April 2023  ソフトストーンW(marketed under the name of デオナチュレ ソフトストーンEX(リニューアル前処方) and DN薬用スティックFe) Total sales
  • For armpitsFragrance-free
    Deonatulle Soft Stone Double Color ControlMakes underarm skin look brighter while suppressing perspiration and odors. Antiperspirant of pearl green to control skin dullness
    You feel confident with your underarms, Great when you're wearing a sleeveless top.
  • For armpitsFragrance-free
    Deonatulle Crystal Stone DeodorantMade of 100% alum and used by moistening it with water Additive-free product that contains no fragrance, added colors, preservatives or alcohol
    Recommended for those who give much thought to what to put on the skin
  • For armpitsFragrance-free
    LIPS ベストコスメ2023 デオドラント部門 第2位
    Deonatulle Sara Sara Deodorant Cream Suitable for the people with serious underarm sweat and odor concerns Cream type that you can easily apply to a wide area of skin with fingers
    The cream dries quickly after being applied on the skin.
  • For feetFragrance-free
    Deonatulle Soft Stone for FeetFoot deodorant developed to keep the feet from getting sweaty and smelly Slim stick type that's easy to reach between toes
    You can apply the deodorant quickly without getting your hand sticky, which makes the product convenient to use in a busy morning.
  • For feetFragrance-free
    LIPS ベストコスメ2023 デオドラント部門 第1位
    @cosmeベストコスメアワード デオドラント部門 第3位
    Deonatulle Sara Sara Cream for FeetYou can apply the deodorant to soles of the feet and in between toes, which are the source of odor. Antiperspirant powder that keeps your skin silky and smooth
    * Base: Silica
  • For the bodyAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Sara Sara Deodorant PowderKeeps your body dry and comfortable even if you sweat.
    Also perfect for sweaty, damp breasts
    Powder-type antiperspirant deodorant
    Sebum absorption powder absorbs sweat and sebum to keep the body dry for a long time.
    Comes with a microfiber powder puff that's gentle on the skin.
    Refill powder and puff is available.
  • Body washing agentAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Gel SoapThe olive oil-based gel washes off sebum and odors. Washes off oxidized sebum, an odor-causing factor.
    Free from synthetic fragrances, colors, and preservatives
    Can also be used on the face. Recommended for removing sebum on the nose and oils behind the ear.
  • For armpitsAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Soft Stone Double Deodorant for MenTop selling antiperspirant deodorant for men.
    Top seller for 5 consecutive years*
    Formula for men who secrete sebum profusely
    Stick-type deodorant that you can apply without getting your hand sticky
    *INTAGE SRI+ Men‘s antiperspirant market May 2017 - April 2022 男ソフトストーンW(marketed under the name of DN薬用デオドラントスティックMc(リニューアル前処方)and DN薬用スティックMe)Total sales
  • For armpitsFragrance-freeAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Soft Stone Double Non-menthol for MenAs effective as Soft Stone Double for Men Contains no menthol and is fragrance-free.
    Recommended for those who do not like the cool feel
  • For armpitsFragrance-freeAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Crystal Stone Deodorant for MenContains no fragrances, colors, preservatives, alcohol and menthol. Made 100% of the active ingredient alum with no additives
    Stone-type deodorant that you use by wetting it with water
  • For armpitsFragrance-free
    Deonatulle Sara Sara Cream for MenSuitable for the people with serious underarm sweat and odor concerns Contains high percentage of ingredients derived from alum.
    Cream-type deodorant that you can apply abundantly using fingers
  • For feetFragrance-free
    Deonatulle Men's Sara Sara Cream for FeetFormula for feet sweat and odor prevention for men Prevents the feet from getting sweaty and damp and suppresses propagation of odor-causing bacteria.
    Cream-type deodorant that you can apply between the toes and soles of the feet.
  • For the bodyFragrance-freeAlcohol-free
    Deonatulle Sappari Powder for MenCool body deodorant powder that suppressed stickiness and keeps your body feeling smooth Formulated with two refreshing ingredients to keep you cool for a longer period. Prevents clothes from sticking to the skin.